Commitment to Giving Back in our Community

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5% of OUR PROFITS will go toward a food donation to the colville valley animal sanctuary

Did you ever think that tiling your kitchen backsplash or painting your bedroom could help feed adorable homeless kittens? It now can! At Newport Home Repair LLC, we have 100 plus years of family history in the area. In fact, Great-Grandpa would allow “I owe you’s” in his Colville General Store during the Great Depression. Many times, repayment would come in the form of salmon from the Columbia. Long story short, we want to honor our family roots and our great community by donating a portion of EVERY sale for the purchase of dog and cat food for the Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary.

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Colville valley animal sanctuary - Helping our four-legged friends

We all love the Pacific Northwest. Many of us love animals! And for most of us living in Colville, Newport, Deer Park, Chewelah and other rural areas, we love our far-reaching uninhabited spaces to play and bask in the mountainous beauty of Washington. But happens when your beloved dog gets lost in the Fourth of July fireworks chaos and ends up 10 miles away? Or when a stray cat has myriads of kittens in your barn? Without a city Humane Society, Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary steps in to fill that void and operates mostly on donations from our community. Read on to learn about their tireless work to ensure our four-legged friends are loved, fed and ultimately find forever homes.


meet butch - newport home repair llc’s sponsored cat

Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary has many programs to help our furry best friends. One such program is sponsoring an animal. Unfortunately, some of CVAS’s dogs and cats are deemed unadoptable at no fault to their own (terminal illness or other events that have happened in their past). CVAS steps up to the plate in either homing these animals with foster parents or they live their lives out on the CVAS grounds. A $25 recurring donation to a sponsored animal is more than a transfer of funds. It is giving the best possible chance at life to someone who was been dealt a grave hand. Butch’s foster parents say he runs around with the dogs, as he thinks is one! But underlying his spunky nature is a little kitten born with little to no liver. Time is not on his side, so CVAS does everything in their power to make sure he has the best life possible.


To find out how you too can help CVAS’s long term little fighters, visit their Sponsor and Animal Page.